How To Earn Money Online With Surveys?

Filling out online surveys is another effective method of making money through the internet. One of the easiest ways to make money online is with surveys because it does not require you to be highly qualified, a layman can also earn money through online surveys as a hobby. In this article, we throw some light on best ways and platforms of “How To Earn Money Online With Surveys?”

But it has its setbacks, and one can only earn enough money to use it as a bonus or extra earning. The money you make by carrying out surveys online is not enough to last long.

One cannot completely rely on this money because that would be an absolute risk. However, it is an easy and efficient method because you do not need educational degrees to carry out these surveys.

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Important Rules While Filling Online Surveys

There are a few important rules that you must keep in mind before you start to make money online with surveys. These rules will help you to stay stable and risk-free.

1. Do Not Completely Depend On Survey Income

Filling out online surveys might be your hobby or a productive time-pass, but we do not recommend you to completely rely on earning from through surveys.

Before you get paid for filling out surveys, there are many rules and restrictions, such as demographics. Hence, try to adopt another activity or a proper job for a permanent income to avoid any risks and disappointments.

2. Do Not Pay To Sign Up On a Site

Many survey sites scam the clients by asking them to pay money to sign up. One should always be aware of this scenario.

Therefore, we never recommend to pay any site for signing up to make money from online surveys. Instead of paying, explore other websites and the ones mentioned below in this article.

3. Never Disclose More Information Than Needed

There is a great risk that people scam when you visit different sites that claim to pay you for filling out their survey forms. Therefore, it is always a safe option not to give out too much information, such as your medical history, bank account number, address, etc.

Basic information such as name, country, city, or educational background is fine to tell because it is asked in almost every survey for informational reasons.

4. Value Your Time

Filling out surveys online and killing your time might seem interesting initially. But it becomes boring with time.

Never spend too much time making money online with surveys because if you start to feel like you are working hard as a job, it is better to spend your energy on a decent job that will get you paid a nice income in return.

5. Make Your Computer Virus Protected

Make sure that the device you are using for surveys is virus-free. Install some authentic software to protect your computer against malfunctions and various viruses because some scams can directly harm your computer.

6. Keep Taking Breaks On And Of

Surveys can take too much time, and patience and the money you earn in return for so much effort is not mostly worth it. Experts recommend taking breaks and maintaining the distance from the screen as it can affect your eyes badly.

Spending unlimited time on your computer can also cause headaches, backache, and many other problems. It is very important to take at least 30-40 seconds of break every 20 minutes you spend on filling out a survey form.

If you feel like the process is affecting your health, start looking for other options to make online right away because health is above everything.

7. Never Expect the Process To Be Short

The person thinking of filling out surveys to make money online might have this misconception in mind that this process only takes a few minutes.

Unfortunately, some survey forms are very long and have too many conditions; they also require you to provide information that can take longer than you think. The process of filling out a survey might sometimes take 15-20 minutes.

8. Create a Separate Email Address

If you are filling out surveys as a side job, it is better to create a separate email address for this job. Many survey sites keep sending new ads, information, and various emails.

Therefore, to avoid getting distracted by unwanted emails, it is better to create a separate email Id from the one you use for your actual job.

How to make money online with surveys

10 Best Platform To Earn Money Online With Surveys

We will discuss the sites that are best for carrying online surveys to earn money. Following are some best scam-free and well known sites

1. Toluna

Toluna is an interesting website for filling out survey forms because it lets its users choose the topics of their interest. This feature makes the site more interesting, but the amount of money you get paid in return is not worth your time.

You earn less than a dollar an hour which is very disappointing. This site has one of the lowest rates per hour. You will need at least 15-20 minutes to fill out one survey.

Only use this survey site as a time-pass because the money you make is not worth all the time you spend here.

2. I-Say

I-Say is a very simple and easy website. The average earning per hour on this website is $1.01. A market research firm named IPSOS owns this website. Therefore, the surveys on this website only come from the owner firm.

It has very few amounts of surveys available, but the overall experience is easy because it only concerns a few specific topics.

Due to fewer surveys available, it might show you the same survey forms again on your computer screen that you have already filled.

3. MyPoints is a very popular site for online surveys. This site has an average rate of $1.01 an hour. It also pays you a welcome bonus of $10 when you sign up.

This site provides you the most opportunities for filling out surveys but rejects the surveys on very small and unclear inconveniences.

The site requires you to spend at least $20 on taxes, etc. before you get the chance to take out some money as cash. You can also earn points and gift cards for watching videos and taking polls.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars gives out a bonus of $5 as a welcome gift when you sign-up on this site. This is one of the lowest-paid sites because you can only earn $0.40-$0.50 an hour. This site pays you for watching ads and videos as well.

You can redeem those coins as money, but only after you reach the minimum limit of $30, which can take forever to make.

One more thing is that you can only redeem the amount on Wednesdays. So, if you complete your milestone of $30 on another day, get ready to wait till Wednesday.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a well-reputed online platform to earn money by filling out surveys. This site has many conditions for its users. You might get disqualified based on your demographics or qualifications easily.

Swagbucks aggregates other firms’ survey forms, so the quality of surveys you will redirect towards might differ from time to time. The site provides many options such as gift cards, PayPal cash and sweepstakes etc.

You can choose the option that suits you the best. The average earning per survey for this site is about $0.40 to $2. You must earn $25 before you cash out the amount.

Though the average income per hour is not too much, the site is safe and well-known, and there is less chance of being scammed.

6. SurveyJunkie

The website is very straightforward and honest as it mentions on its page directly that “you cannot become rich by taking surveys”. The site works simply; you sign-up, take surveys, collect some points and convert them into cash.

The point value for each survey is better than many other sites. You can earn approximately $1.57 per hour by filling out surveys on this site. The dashboard shows clearly the number of points you have earned and how much those points will become when you convert them into dollars.

You must make at least 500 points before trying to cash them out. It is an ideal site for teenagers to earn some extra pocket money.

7. Opinion Outpost

Opinion outpost is a very simple and easy-going website. It does not attack its users with a bunch of opportunities and surveys. One can easily keep on taking surveys one after another without any disturbance, ads or videos.

The site’s conditions are easy to understand as a beginner because it pays you 10 cents for each point you make. One can easily cash out the points later through Amazon, and the average earning per hour on this website is expected to be $1.50, which is far better than many other websites.

8. OneOpinion

OneOpinion is another well-known survey collector website. After registering, you get a dashboard that clearly shows your earnings and their value in dollars. The dashboard also has a “help” section to ask your queries and read FAQs.

You get rewarded 500-1000 points for each survey you carry out. It might sound a good amount, but you get disappointed after learning that 1000 points are equal to $1 only.

You must earn up to 25000 points or $25 before you cash out your earnings. You can use Amazon or PayPal to cash out the earnings.

9. BrandedSurveys

On this site, one can join directly through the site or Facebook. Once you enter the site will ask you to give out some personal information.

Be aware and decide for yourself how much information you are willing to give out to those sites because they might scam you later.

The site lets you earn points, and those points are then redeemed as cash when you reach a minimum amount of $10. 100 points are equal to $1, and one survey helps you make an average of 300 points.

10. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is a very well reputed company online that has been working as a survey aggregator for ages. You register yourself on this website and wait for an email from the company.

The company sends email invites based on your qualifications l, age, gender, profession, etc., to fill out surveys. You can only earn gift cards on this website and not actual cash.

By filling out surveys, you earn HIpoints that you can redeem as gift cards for Starbucks, Amazon or iTunes later. The company also provides you with the opportunity to donate your points as a charity.

Is It Recommended To Earn Money Online With Surveys?

We recommend only to make money online with surveys when you make sure to follow all the rules mentioned above and be very alert. There are 2 things you need to know before start making money from surveys:

  • Firstly, the surveys do not pay you enough money to consider it your regular job. You will definitely need a proper job for a substantial income.The normally expected wage of a worker is $7-$8 an hour, while surveys pay you a maximum of $2-$3 per hour, which is not worth your time.Some surveys only pay in coins that can only be redeemed after exceeding a specific amount, and you can only buy some specific goods from those coins, which is not enough. So, making money through surveys is only recommended as a side income.
  • Second important thing you must know is that thousands of those websites scam their users. They ask for unwanted and unnecessary information and then use it to carry out further surveys or sell it to other people for money without your consent.So never try any survey site that asks for too much information that is not even needed. Because none of this is worth the amount of money, you will earn in return.

Concluding the Thoughts

I want to conclude this article with some advice to be alert every time you think of filling out survey forms for some extra money.

Only use the sites mentioned earlier that are safe to fill out survey forms. Please let us know in the comments section if you use any of these sites and share your experience with us.

Please leave your valuable feedback about the article in the comments below and keep visiting our site.

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