How To Make Money With Youtube Reels?

Making money through YouTube is not a new concept to anyone. In fact, if you are here looking for ways how to make money with YouTube reels or shorts, there is a chance that you might already be familiar with the different ways of earning money through YouTube.

You must be able to create unique and entertaining content if you are looking to earn through YouTube. There are numerous techniques to earn money online, and being a Youtuber is undoubtedly one of the best. We will discuss and light on the different methods one can earn money using YouTube shorts.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

Youtube shorts
YouTube shorts are small videos made for various purposes such as entertainment, knowledge, advertisement, educational purposes etc. You can create YouTube Shorts from 15 seconds to 60 seconds longer.

There are two different options, the first is to combine various short videos to make up one YouTube Short, and the second is to create a 1-minute video. However, you try to design your YouTube Short video; the time limit is 60 sec maximum.

You can add your original voice to the video, any song, music, or a famous dialogue as you may like it. These short videos are just like TikTok videos, Instagram reels, etc.

How To Make Money With Youtube Reels Or Shorts

HOW TO MAKE MONEY with youtube reels
As we already know that we can use YouTube shorts to monetize our YouTube accounts, but it is not that easy of a task. You need to gather lots of views and subscriptions, and don’t forget amazing content before you get to lay your hand on your first earning.

Let us now elaborate how to make money with YouTube shorts?

1. YouTube Short Videos Fund

YouTube Shorts Fund is an effective way to earn money using YouTube shorts. It is a $100 Million fund introduced to benefit the amazing YouTube short creators all around the globe. YSF was introduced in the year 2021 to make it possible for Youtubers to monetize their YouTube Pages using the YouTube short videos.

As a shot creator, if you cleared all the requirements and held eligible for this fund, you start getting bonuses on your content, which is amazing.

Once you get selected for a YouTube short fund, you can expect to earn somewhere between $100- $10,000 per month by introducing amazing short video content on your channel. This would be a treat for people who are categorized as amazing when it comes to creating quick content.

You are verified whether you are eligible to be a member of the YouTube short fund based on your last month’s content that you created. Hence, it is very important to stay up to date when creating your video shorts.

Following are the requirements you need to complete before you are declared eligible for YouTube Shorts Fund are:

  • You need to be located in one of the countries listed for YouTube Short funds.
  • Have uploaded at least one creative Short on your page in the recent 180 days.
  • Minimum age requirement is 13 years or more.
  • Have not ever violated or gone against any rules or guidelines set by YouTube Community.
  • Your content must be 100% and not able to be accused of plagiarism.
  • Must Agree with the terms & conditions before signing up for the YouTube short fund.

Now, if you are sure that you have checked all the criteria list mentioned above, the only thing that is undoubtedly the most important thing left for you is to create impressive and incredible content.

After creating content, you must also do your best to increase the views as much as possible because more views mean you can expect more funds. The decision about how much will a Youtuber get paid is done based on the graph, which shows the number of views each month.

The payment amount can also be affected by the audience’s location, which can be tough. So, keep trying, and by luck and hard work, you might be able to become a part of the YouTube Short fund community soon.

2. Earning Money Through Google AdSense Revenue

If you want to get your YouTube channel monetized, the first and foremost thing is you get yourself enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Your google account manages YPP.

Once you become a part of YPP and the channel is monetized, you can be sure to earn money from YouTube shorts. Apart from the YouTube Shorts fund, Google AdSense is another way to earn money by creating interesting and impressive YouTube Shorts.

It is evident from the name that YouTube pays you for allowing you to show different ads on your YouTube Channel in between the YouTube Shorts.

It is necessary to mention that the 15 seconds YouTube Shorts are not eligible for this criterion. Only the YouTube Videos uploaded by the hashtag “#shorts” are eligible, where the ads can be displayed. The ad money is decided while signing the contract, and the whole criteria are managed under Google.

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Other Methods To Earn Money Using YouTube Shorts

Youtube shorts videos
This may sound strange, but there are ways you can use your YouTube Shorts to earn money indirectly, only if you are famous enough. Let’s learn how to make money with YouTube shorts using some rambling methods:

1. Promoting Your Business Through YouTube Shorts

It is another amazing way to advertise your business through your YouTube Short videos and increase sales. Suppose you have just started a small business and need to spread the word as much as possible; what better way than social media.

Make appealing video shorts using your product in the videos and market it in various interesting ways. Use all the possible methods that you think can help attract potential customers.

2. Escalating the Number Of Views

YouTube Shorts might not get you paid directly, but they can be a huge part of your YouTube Channel’s success. The views you receive on YouTube Shorts are considered a part of your Account when considering the view count and the playback duration.

It is how you can reach the minimum criteria of “number of views” you need to monetize your YouTube Channel sooner than expected. These YouTube Shorts also help to increase the subscriber on your channel.

3. Selling Your Belongings Through YouTube Shorts

Showing off the stuff or belonging you want to sell out using your YouTube Shorts might be the least appreciated way of earning money. But it does exist, and there is a visible potential for you to earn money by selling stuff online using short videos to spread the word.

4. YouTube Premium

Creating YouTube shorts for premium accounts is another zig-zag way of earning money. You can create exclusive content as a Youtuber for People having YouTube Premium accounts as it is evident that they pay for such accounts.

The YouTube Community will give out a fair share of the percentage of earnings they get through the content created for Premium YouTube Users.

Final Thoughts

At last, we must learn to use the YouTube shorts for our benefit because it is not possible to directly monetize your Account using them. The methods are pretty clear by now on how to make money with YouTube shorts.

YouTube Shorts might not add to the monetization directly, but they help change the analytics of your YouTube Channel, which is a huge contribution. You can meet the criteria set to become a part of YouTube’s Partnership Program sooner by increasing the number of views and subscribers using your YouTube Shorts.

The most important thing is that you create unique, interesting, impressive and attractive content to allure people to your channel to make it a success.

Share your experience with us about creating content and tell us if you know of any other unique method of using them to monetize your Account. Keep visiting our channel for more valuable content.

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