Fiverr Portfolio: What Is It? And How Does It Help a Freelancer?

Fiverr portfolio is an incredible weapon for someone who wants to excel in freelancing. By Creating an appealing portfolio, you can attract many potential buyers. It is the best way to display the amazing skills you have and earn several remarkable projects.

Earning good projects does not only help you in enhancing your Fiverr Portfolio, but they also help you gain confidence and experience in your line of work. Trust and certainty are two significant traits you must show your clients. They can sense it out of your Portfolio.

Hence, acquiring an outstanding portfolio is necessary to excel in what you do. Once the buyers know about your humble dealings, they keep coming back to you and become your loyal customers in no time.

Types Of Fiverr Portfolios

1. My Portfolio

fiverr portfolio
My Portfolio is what you can create yourself. You can upload any work you might want to display on My Portfolio. Not many customers or potential buyers come across this Portfolio. It allows you to display any project even if you have not yet delivered it to the client.

This Portfolio is an ideal start for beginners because you can upload any document here, even the work you have done outside of Fiverr. Or, if you have not yet sent any project, you can create a sample of work that you want to show your potential buyers.

2. Live Portfolio

fiverr live portfolio
Live Portfolio is the best way to connect with your possible clients. All the projects you have done are displayed on the Live Portfolio of your profile on Fiverr. Suppose you wish for a specific project to be demonstrated in your Portfolio.

While delivering the project to your client, you can write a note asking for permission to display that particular project on your Live Portfolio then, If the client allows and gives a good review. The project will automatically become a part of your live Portfolio.

If you do not want all of your projects displayed and only wish to exhibit some of your best work. You can employ some knacks to prevent a project from getting uploaded on a live Portfolio.

Any zip file or a Dropbox link does not end up becoming a part of the live Portfolio. Hence, if you are unsure about any project, compress it to a zip file or send it through your Dropbox link.

How To Create a Fiverr Portfolio?

Fiverr Portfolio and how it works
As mentioned above, the live Portfolio is created with time and with every project you deliver. On the other hand, to create My Portfolio, select the projects or files you want to display and follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Fiverr profile.
  2. Go to “My portfolio.”
  3. Go to “Create project.”
  4. Fill in all the required details.
  5. “Upload project.”
  6. Save the file and “Publish.”

Fiverr Portfolio Requirements

Presently, the following candidates are eligible to create a Fiverr Portfolio:

  • TRS
  • Pro
  • Rising Talent
  • Fiverr business sellers

If not Portfolio, you can add your skills to any set of categories available such as Web Development, Writing, and Translation, Digital Marketing, Music and Audio, etc.

For more info: Fiverr Terms and Conditions

Tips For Organizing Your Portfolio

It is essential to pick the right projects while setting up your Fiverr portfolio. The choice might vary because of the diversity of expertise, but a few points that you must ensure are:

1. Approved Projects

The Fiverr team must approve any project you might want to display. Make sure that you receive written consent before uploading

2. Focus On Current Skills

Always try to keep your Portfolio up-to-date. Polish your Portfolio every once in a while, by eradicating the old projects and adding newer and improved projects. This way, you can keep up with the fast pace of the ever-growing world of freelancing.

3. Serve Quality

Select the projects that show your best work, and only display your most attractive assignments. Do not exhibit projects that are too long. No one has the time to go through them. If the nature of your work is not visual, think of some other creative and positive ways to put your finest work forward.

Some Significant Parts Of Your Portfolio

1. Add Images

Everyone is familiar with the expression “first impression is the last impression.” Exhibiting cool and amazing images which reveal your work’s nature is the best way to show an exemplary first impression.

The images speak, especially now when everyone has a short time; displaying images makes the profile portfolio attractive for buyers.

2. Show Your Expertise

Try to select the projects which clearly show your expertise. The projects showed to be in sync with your gigs.

3. Pick the Best Project Type

The project type must be very clear in your Portfolio. When you put your best work forward and be confident about your skillset, your profile attracts buyers.

The projects you display show how much you are committed to your work and how fine your work can be on a scale of 1 – 10. Exhibit your highest quality yet petite work. Show buyers the complexity of your work through your project.

Final Words

The Fiverr Portfolio is the finest display of your skills, as we have established. After a keen visit to your Fiverr Portfolio, the potential buyers can judge and decide whether or not you can be a good fit for their projects. You can select between 5-20 of your best projects to display.

Keep updating the projects with time, and never let go of your Portfolio. Make the projects seem like an ongoing story of success and self-growth. The visitors will know that the profile is ever-growing and the seller is the best to work with.

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