How To Make Money From Mobile in 2022

The world around us is developing day and night. Everything has been confined to our mobile phones. You can do business, contact your relatives, watch movies, play songs and whatnot, just by having a smartphone. Earning money through mobile phone is the best activity for students and millennials instead of spending time on useless things. You can actually make your time spent on a mobile phone valuable by earning money through it. In this article, we will discuss “How To Make Money From Mobile

How to make money online from mobile

How To Make Money From Mobile?

1. Cash Back App

Cashback apps are associated with suppliers such as supermarkets and provide discounts and cashback options for customers who buy things using these apps.

A good example of a cashback app is “Ibotta“. To earn back cash you have to search and look for things on Ibotta that offer “cash-back“.

Buy that thing and show the reciept or transaction as a proof. You will be able to claim back the offered amount that was mentioned as a discount in the app through paypal or gift card.

Some other examples of a cash-back app are: GetUpside,, fetch rewards etc.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is an amazing concept which means that you can provide your services from home. Digitization has changed the way people used to learn.

There was a time when everyone used to get up early in the morning and leave the house straight for the office, which used to be normal. With the advancement in science and technology, this normal became old.

The new world’s normal is “work from home“. People can earn online through the internet by working from the comfort of their own homes. All they require is a good internet connection, phone/system and relative skills.

Apps like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and many more helps individuals to earn online through the phone. Good skills are mandatory for earning online.

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3. Selling Stuff Online

Some applications and websites let you sell your old stuff online. Suppose you have something which you think is usable and you don’t need it anymore such as a car, Furniture, clothes, shoes, crockery, etc.

You can sell those things online on different sites like Amazon, OLX, eBay. Make sure that the price you are setting is reasonable.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up on any platform as they cut their commission for every sale you make.

A specific app helps you sell your clothes online called the Poshmark app. Do your research and demand the right price for your goods.

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4. Become a Content Creator

As we know, social media is the fastest growing market in this era and if you are creative influencer then no one can stop you from growing. Similarly, creating interesting and appealing content on youtube helps you make money by using your smartphone.

You can create cooking channels, vlogs, comedy videos, travel videos, informative videos and many more on youtube.

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5. Investment Apps

Investment is always the best way to earn money now and secure your future as well. There are many online investment apps to buy and sell shares and earn money through your mobile phone.

Cryptocurrency, which is getting more and more hype each day, has its app through which you can buy and sell shares online and earn profits.

An app called “betterment” is an amazing option for you if you believe in growing and setting goals. You can set goals and create an investment plan that will help you achieve those goals.

Explore other apps such as Acorns and Robinhood before investing in one particular app.

6. Selling Photos Online

If you believe that you are a good photographer. You have the knowledge and passion for clicking photographs that are unique and appealing. It would be best for you to try and sell your work online.

Many websites such as AdobeStock, Shutterstock, iStock, GettyImages, Fotomoto Foap etc., provide you with a platform to sell your photography online. Every site has its unique terms and conditions.

Find the site that best suits your situation and start selling your photos in return for the commission you earn for every photo you sell. This way, you can earn money just by using your smartphone.

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7. Play Games

Playing games is not only for fun any more. While many games are just there for you to spend your time, some of them actually pay you for playing.

You can play online games on your mobile screen, spend your time well, and get gifted in return. For example, Mistplay is a gaming app that rewards you, and you can redeem those rewarded coins for gift cards.

You can earn gift cards from companies like amazon, best buy and iTunes. There are multiple game options available on this app.

Moreover, some apps pay you for testing their games. You play the game, test it and give your honest feedback. And in return, you earn gift cards. An example of this scenario is the Qriket app.

8. Earn Through Walking

It might sound strange, but you can actually get paid for walking. Many apps count your steps and pay you in return.

For instance, “SweatCoin” is an app that gives you Sweatcoins for the number of steps you walk and then you can buy services or experiences in return for those coins.

You can also buy PayPal gift cards in return for those Sweatcoins. It does not pay you in cash, but it still is a win-win situation. You walk, stay fit, active and healthy and gain Gifts in return. Another app called “Rover” suits you best if you are a pet lover.

This app provides you with the opportunity to take other people’s pets like cats and dogs etc., on a walk and get paid for it. This app helps you find people that live near you who are interested in taking care of your pet.

Similarly, many other apps pay you for walking, such as charity miles, earthMiles, LifeCoin, achievement, and many more. Choose the one that suits you the best.

9. Providing Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is an online job and you do not need to be at the office to operate as the name suggests.

A virtual assistant handles accounts, schedules meetings, plans documents, and manages different tasks for its employer. To become a virtual assistant, you must have good management skills, good communication skills and time management skills.

10. Participate In Surveys

Millions of people are conducting online surveys for their research and studies. Many companies pay money for filling out online surveys. You cannot expect to earn a huge amount of money through filling out survey forms as this does not pay you well.

But it is an amazing way of earning money if you don’t have any exceptional skills and want to earn some pocket money. There are online apps such as “opinion space” where you need to sign up through your email id. You get notifications of new surveys.

In return, you need to keep the information to yourself as some surveys ask you to keep the information confidential. You don’t need to be confined to a time slot. You can fill out the survey and get paid for your opinions whenever you get some time.

11. Becoming An Online Tutor

Teaching has always been an in-person process. But especially due to the Covid-19, the closure of schools has led their management to shift towards Virtual teaching.

Alongside, many coaching academies, vocational institutes and seminars are now held online. Learning has never been easier than it has now become.

Teachers require phones and a stable internet connection to conduct classes from their own homes. This process can connect the teacher to the child present anywhere around the globe, without the restrictions of any national boundary.

Final Thoughts

Be optimistic and keep up with the new trends. But do not expect to earn millions out of it as it can sometimes be too difficult a target to achieve.

Some ways only help you earn enough money to use as a side income. Some might also help you earn big like investing in shares, blogging and YouTubing. Make your cellphone your friend by using it in positive ways.

Please let us know which method you find most interesting and eager to try.

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