How To Earn Money By Writing Stories

If you are looking for how to earn money by writing stories, look no further. There are many websites these days that pay writers to contribute content.

Keep in mind though, not every site is going to be right for you and how much work you want to put into it will depend on how much time you have available.

Make Money Writing Short Stories: 11 Websites That Pay

There are many websites from where there are an opportunities for writers to make money online by submitting their stories and poems. Here are the 11 best websites that pay writers for their work:

How to earn money by writing stories

1. Analog

I am sure you have seen how to earn money by writing stories before, but how about how to earn money by writing short stories? Analog is a science fiction magazine that pays up to 8-10 cents per word for short fictions.

Analog only publish articles for those who are professional and expert in writing stories and in creating illustration that are relevant to your stories.

Other than fact articles and short stories, analog allow you to publish poems and limit is up to 6.

While submitting the stories or article, you must add your cover letter with your manuscript that have your name, publishing history or the things instructed by the website Analog.

2. One Story

One story is relatively new, but they have been getting quite popular in recent years. They have an acceptance rate of 92%. Their current payout is $300-500 for fiction and $100 for poetry.

This site also works with a number of authors who are willing to write blurbs for you as well!

If you are planning to publish or submit your story on one story then the word count must be in between 2000 – 3000.

3. The Over Take

To write for The Overtake, you should have the ability to research and interview people quickly as well as a good understanding of digital media.

You also need a keen interest in current political affairs and issues around gender justice and women’s rights.

This website reads how to earn money by writing stories, short stories and by writing poems.

4. The Washington Post Work In Progress

Work in Progress is a blog run by the Washington Post is for how to earn money by writing stories, short stories and poems.

They accept pitches for how-to articles, personal essays about the news or other things happening in the world, profiles of interesting people, longform reported pieces with unique angles on top issues.

5. The Sun

The Sun is an online publication that deals with poetry. They are looking to publish new, original poems of different styles and form about how the Sun’s light affects our lives.

This website is open to all kinds of interpretations whether it deals with how or why the sunlight affects us.

You can send in one poem at a time for consideration, after reading their guidelines.

When you submit your work via email make sure to include them in the subject line along with your name.

6. Real Time Magazine

Real Simple is a lifestyle website published by Time Inc which mainly focuses on how to simplify life while still living beautifully.

They are very welcoming when it comes to new writers and how they choose how much you earn depends on how much exposure your work gets.

7. Clarkesworld

An award winning website on which writers publish the high quality articles & stories based on science, fantasy and horror fiction upto 12000 words.

They are looking for original and that make user easy to read the article. Clarkesworld accept the articles only in English language.

Make sure that you have read their style guide that will help you know how your story should be written in order for you how to earn money by stories.

8. Daily Science Fiction

Daily Science Fiction is one of how to earn money by writing stories’ favorite places to find fiction. They have a dedicated team that thoroughly read over every submission so you can be sure your work will receive the attention it deserves.

Your stories word count must be in between 100 to 1500 words and the length is major factor that “Daily Science Fiction” considered while checking the submitted stories.

Do follow the guidelines mentioned by the “Daily Science Fiction” and after that you should submit your work to them in order to avoid rejection.

9. Crave

Carve is a web magazine that has won many awards for their high quality literary content. You can submit short stories and poetry.

The maximum wordcount for short stories and poerty is 10,000 and 2000 respectively and you can submit your work anytime as there is no time restriction.

10. Wattpad

Wattpad is the best platform for both new and experienced writers who want to share their story or novel with readers.

There are many complaints that how people get scammed in how to earn money by writing short stories, but there are no scamming in this website at all because it is free of cost.

People can read, follow, favorite your stories once if they like them. You must create an account so you can add your own story or anyone else’s story which you will find when you search how much does wattpad pay per upload on google.

11. Glimmertrain

This website is a print and digital short story publication company in Portland, Oregon. Its clientele are editors, literary agents, book publishers and media professionals from all over United States.

Writers who have original stories in their mind can submit their short stories to Glimmertrain since the submission guidelines specifies how to earn money by writing stories.

Glimmertrain will only accept short stories that are between 1800 – 2500 words, must be original and previously unpublished.

Professional authors might want to sell their stories to Glimmertrain as they pay you $1000 for each story and an additional $5000 if it becomes a fiction series.

However, this may not suit new writers as how much work is expected out of them will depend on how popular their submitted stories are.

The fee that you will receive when your work has been published is determined by how much they think you deserve it after how many times your work has been chosen for publishing.

They prefer original work only because once published, the copyright belongs to them for 90 years from the date of issue and they do not pay any royalties to contributors during this time unless authorized by both parties.


So, that is what you should do if you want to earn money by writing stories. You must choose a website that pays writers and submit writing stories and poem there. I hope this article helps so good luck!

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