How Much Does Fiverr Take?

In a world where businesses are always looking to save money, outsourcing work to freelancers is becoming an increasingly popular option. And Fiverr, one of the most popular online marketplaces for freelancers, is quickly becoming the go-to destination for businesses of all sizes. But how much does Fiverr take on each order? How much do they charge?

In this blog post, we’ll look at what Fiverr charges businesses for their services and what you can expect to pay when you hire a freelancer through them.

How Much Does Fiverr Take? Explained For Beginners

There are around 5.5 million buyers on Fiverr, a popular freelance marketplace. Fiverr is excellent when it comes to online work either sellers are looking for projects in a specific niche, or buyers are looking for their work to be done with quality.

So, it should be good if buyers and sellers understand the system and how it works, like how much Fiverr takes from sellers or buyers on one order.

In this article, we will discuss what percentage does Fiverr take? As it is one of the ways from which Fiverr generates revenue. Let’s start!


What Percentage Does Fiverr Take of Your Earnings?

As we know, Fiverr provides an excellent and secure platform where millions of users are working, so it is the right of Fiverr to deduct some fees from both sellers and buyers.

From Sellers, Fiverr deducts 20% on each order, and from a buyer, Fiverr cuts a service fee of $2, and it might be 5% of the gig price if the order value is above $40.

Fiverr generates revenue and makes money from the sellers on each order and charges service fees from buyers depending upon the order value.

Many people don’t have time to look for local teams who can do their work, so they prefer to buy gigs on Fiverr or other online marketplaces like Upwork and people per hour as it saves a lot of time.

Fiverr plays an essential role in managing the buyer and seller’s orders. They have a huge team working to resolve the dispute between the clients and sellers on Fiverr.

Does Fiverr Take A Cut From Tips?

There are many chances to get tips on Fiverr if you provide quality stuff, and it helps sellers rank on Fiverr. The question will come to your mind if Fiverr deducts the tips’? Then the answer would be ‘YES,’ Fiverr deducts 20% from tips that sellers receive from buyers.

How Else Does Fiverr Make Money?

There are several ways the Fiverr makes money other than Fiverr fees, which they charge from sellers and buyers on each order:

1. Fiverr Promoted Gigs

This is a paid advertisement option given by Fiverr to selected sellers so they can promote their gigs, and it depends on the CPC (Cost per Click). The higher the CPC, the higher the chances for sellers to rank in top positions.

For more information about Fiverr promoted gigs, please read: How to promote gig on Fiverr?

2. AND.CO Subscriptions

AND CO, a Saas application, offers various features to streamline different administrative characteristics, which helps them to manage the payments, tasks, time tracking, payment acceptance, and invoicing all in one place.

Some of the AND.CO features are free, whereas some have paid subscriptions to get full access and support.

3. Learn From Fiverr

Are you willing to learn something new from Fiverr? If yes, Learn from Fiverr is a great opportunity for many new sellers. Learn from Fiverr is a platform for freelancers and professionals to get some knowledge and take advantage of the courses made by the top industry experts.

Through their courses, you can practically enhance your skills and knowledge. The things you will get after completion of the course:

  • Increase the visibility on Fiverr search pages.
  • Get the course badge.
  • Help to get more buyers.

Fiverr Fees For Sellers

Fiverr takes 20% of the actual order price from the sellers. Against this 20% deduction seller gets the security or guarantee from Fiverr to get the remaining 80% after completion of the order. In addition, sellers get charged by withdrawal providers like PayPal or Payoneer.

What Benefits Seller Will Get?

  • Potential Buyers
  • Money Security
  • Fiverr Support

Fiverr Fees for Buyers

Fiverr provides security to buyers for their money and work. For this, Fiverr charges a minimal fixed fee of $2 if the order range is less than or equal to $40 and charges 5% of the order value if the order price is more than $40.

What Benefits Buyer Will Get?

  • Quality work
  • Easy to reach sellers
  • Money Security
  • Fiverr Support


You’re likely wondering how much does Fiverr take or what percentage Fiverr takes from each sale? The answer is that Fiverr keeps 20% of every transaction.

It may seem like a large chunk, but it aligns with most other eCommerce platforms. Considering the wide range of services available on the site and that users can buy and sell digital goods, this fee is relatively reasonable.

If you want to offer your services through Fiverr, you will be charged a service fee by the platform. So, what do you think? Are you ready to start selling on Fiverr? Please comment!

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