Best Payment Gateways For Freelancers To Transfer Remittances

Are you a fresh freelancer? It is possible that you are already looking for Best Payment Gateways For Freelancers or for online payments, or soon you will be searching for such platforms.

Payment gateways are online platforms that work as arbitrators between the purchaser and the supplier. This third party makes online payments easier and ensure that currency difference does not remain a big problem during the payment procedure.

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Freelancers are paid in different currencies as the clients can be from any corner of the world and so can be the service provider. If you search for the best payment gateways for freelancers, you definitely are on the right platform.

This article will bring you a few best payment gateways with all the details and possible aspects. These payment gateways will make your payment worldwide easier, faster and hassle-free.

7 Best Payment Gateways For Freelancers

Best Payment Gateways for Freelancers

We will now discuss some of those best payment method for freelancers in detail.

  • PayPal.
  • Payoneer
  • Wise
  • Stripe
  • Revolut
  • Google Wallet
  • Apple Pay

1. PayPal

PayPal Payment Gateway
is the fastest growing & most widely-held electronic payment process. It would not be a lie if we put it as PayPal is the best payment gateway for freelancers.

Why Paypal?

  • PayPal helps with online bill payments.
  • Direct link of credit card with your PayPal account after validation. After verification, they allow users to use their account for sending or receiving payments.
  • Safe and secure for your hard earned money.
  • PayPal’s services are scattered worldwide in about 200 countries with millions of users and 26 various currencies.
  •  PayPal charges 2.9% of the transfer amount if you are transferring money within the USA, and for any other country, the charges are 4.4% of the transfer amount. And each country has a specific cut which is charged along with the fees.
  • It takes about 3-5 business days to transfer the payment
  • PayPal.Me is another extension offered by PayPal that allows you to create your own PayPal link with a name and picture, which you can share with clients on different online platforms or send them through email.

2. Payoneer

Payoneer is a well-reputed website working as a payment gateway among different people and considered as alternate to PayPal.

Why Payoneer?

  • It Completes the transfer procedure in between 3-5 business days.
  • Easy access to the dashboards to view ongoing payments & history of transactions.
  • Payoneer works in about 11 different currencies & they charge 2% of the transaction amount and a currency conversion fee if needed.
  • Competitive and prioritized gateways for freelancers.
  • Easily connected with your local bank and with freelance websites like Fiverr.
  • Secure and quick transactions.

Normally Payoneer requires you to have at least 150 USD in your account to withdraw the amount.

3. Wise

Transfer Wise
Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is the cheapest payment gateway. In TransferWise, users can receive and send salaries, due payments, pensions and other money transfers.

You create an account on TransferWise and share the account details with your client or employer, and they will be able to transfer money without any obstacles.

Why Transfer Wise?

  • It provides services at a very low exchange and transfer charges.
  • Operates in 70+ countries all over the world and transfers payments in more than 50 currencies.
  • Typically, it takes about a week to complete the transaction (only working days).
  • The transfer fee ranges between 0% – and 15% depending on the location and currencies

It offers an amazing feature according to which you can open a tab after logging in to your account and fill the form for pricing conversion where you need to enter:

  • Sender’s currency
  • Receiver’s currency
  • Transfer amount

And the inbuilt converter will convert the amount and show it on the page with the charges, and you can decide if you want to send the money at these rates. It will also mention an estimated date when the transfer is expected to be complete.

Signing up on TransferWise is completely free, and it will only charge a minimal fee when you transfer the amount.

This payment gateway is most famous in India as it provides an amazing exchange rate when the payment is transferred in USD and received in INR.

4. Stripe

Stripe Payment Gateway for freelancers
Stripe is an Irish-American company. It operates in software that allows money transfer in large businesses.

Just like PayPal, Stripe is a payment gateway, but the difference is that PayPal is more famous and known globally.

Why Stripe For Freelancers?

  • Stripe is more practical for Large Companies as it provides customized Money Transfer options.
  • With Stripe, the payment fee is very clear and transparent and it charges 2.7% + 5 cents on each in-person transaction and 2.9% + 30 cents for each online payment.
  • The registration is gratis, and there are no extra charges named as scheduled or annual fees.
  • The estimated time is 5-10 working days when using stripe as your payment gateways and it provides services in 20+ countries and 100+ currencies.
  • It also provides 3D security, financial and consolidated reporting, stripe radar and accounting support etc.

5. Revolut

Payment gateways for online market place
Revolut provides one of the best and easiest services for payment transfer. The method is very simple and does not include any twisted or added extra charges to which we lose our money unknowingly all the time.

You can  download the revolut app from the Apple store or Google Play store and register yourself by providing all the required information, and the account is created.

Why Revolut?

  • Revolut charges 2.5% from its Standard users on each transaction and 1.5% from its premium users.
  • Every time you make a payment through Revolut, it will show you the rates, fee charges and the total amount on your screen, and you can easily decide whether to pay with it or not.
  • It helps you get rid of all the extra charges in currency exchange fees or across the border transfers.
  • The payments done through Revolut are very simple and hassle-free.

6. Google Wallet [Google Pay Send]

Google Walleta
Google Wallet is an easy money transfer platform the can maneuver through mobile phones and computer and best suited for Android users and it’s new name is “Google Pay Send“.

Google Pay Send was founded as a platform to transfer money among friends and acquaintances, but it has grown big with time.

It is now used to send and receive payments in a business, and you can also use Google Wallet to send money to your family.

Why Google Platforms?

  • All the transactions are made through Google’s platform instead of any local middle person, making the transfer completely secure and authentic.
  • You can benefit from Google Wallet to pay bills at supermarkets and grocery stores.
  • The best thing is that you do not need to pay any extra fee when you purchase something through Google Wallet, and the payment is made just through a click, a Quick and easy payment method.

7. Apple Pay

Apple Pay
Apple pay is one of the best payment gateways for those who want to operate only through apple products. Just install Apple pay app on your device, and it is available only on products produced by Apple Inc., such as iPhone, iPad, Apple watch or iMac.

After installing the Apple pay app on your device, you need to link your bank account and credit/debit card details.

Why Apple Pay?

  • Money transfer is very fast and quick because it stores the amount in the Apple wallet.
  • There is no need to enter all credit cards detail every time you want to make a payment.
  • You just need to insert the total amount and click on the “pay” button, and the payment process is finished. You can confirm your passcode, Face ID or Fingerprints.

Concluding Thoughts

Freelancing is the fastest growing area of business these days, and people are always searching for the best payment gateways for freelancers.

There are hundreds of other payment gateways globally, such as Western Union, MoneyGram, Venmo, Paymo, etc. You might also like to try. Our research concluded that payment gateways, as mentioned above in the article, are among the top best ones.

Do your research and let us know which payment transfer methods you found to be the best. Be aware of the scams online as there are many. Discuss and let us know through comments about your thoughts and feedback.

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