Fiverr Vacation Mode – New Feature

It is good to rest and enjoy your holiday, but a freelancer thinks hundreds of times while taking a break from his work because of running orders, new messages, and maintaining his response time. So, Fiverr introduced a new feature for the freelancers, “Fiverr Vacation Mode,” which helps the sellers on Fiverr enjoy their well-deserved holidays.

The late responses and deliveries might cause order cancellation, and it will affect your profile and negatively impact buyers as well. Fiverr Vacation Mode is an amazing feature that tells buyers whether you are available for the work or not.

When Fiverr users enable vacation mode, Fiverr hides your gigs from the search results, which means that potential buyers will not be able to find and purchase your gigs. However, Fiverr will still keep your Account active so you can come back and start selling again whenever you’re ready.

Fiverr Vacation Mode – What is The Best Practice to do During Vacation?


To avoid bad experiences for your buyers & to manage their expectations during vacation, Fiverr vacation mode is the best way. The following are the good practice you must read:

1. Fiverr Mobile App

Fiverr Mobile App
Install the Fiverr mobile app, which increases the chances for your future business by responding to the buyers on time. Through this app, you get a notification if some client messages you, and the chances of a late response become lesser. Fiverr Mobile application is available for both IOS & Android users.

2. Set Availability

Fiverr Availability
Set availability feature helps the buyer to understand that you are not available at a specific time. You can set the timeframe you will not be available and add a reason for your unavailability. And you will get orders and messages at the end of the set timeframe.

3. Online/offline Status

Online and Offline on Fiverr
It is best to make your Fiverr online status off so buyers will not reach you and turn it on when you are back at work.

How to go online/offline on Fiverr?

You can go online/offline by following the steps below:

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click on your avatar in the top right corner.
  • Visit Settings and then click on account.
  • Select the option from the dropdown for how long you are going on vacation. By default, you are online, and your gig status is visible on the Fiverr search filter.

Vacation Mode on Fiverr

4. Complete All Orders

Fiverr Orders Completed
When you plan to go on a vacation, it would be great if you complete all the running orders and stop taking the new orders. So when you are on holiday, you can enjoy it. Also read Fiverr terms and conditions.


While this new feature is a great way to take a break, keep an eye on your account and turn off vacation mode when you’re ready to start working again. Have you tried out Fiverr’s new Vacation Mode? Do comment.

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