9 Effective Ways To Promote Gigs on Fiverr

Are you not getting the clients on Fiverr? This article will explain how to promote gigs on Fiverr using different strategies.

How To Promote Fiverr Gigs?

There are many ways to promote gigs on Fiverr, and you can make money within less time by providing high-quality work to the buyers and can maintain a long-term relationship with them.


Methods To Promote Your Gigs

1. Share Your Gig On Social Media

share gigs on social media
The competition is increasing on Fiverr day by day, and all sellers are providing their best to maintain their profiles and consistently earn money.

When you create a gig on Fiverr and complete the orders with a 5 stars rating, do not forget to share the gig or feedback of your client to social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, etc., as it helps boost your profile.

To share your Fiverr gig or feedback of your client on social platforms can enhance the chances of finding new clients as many business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups might be looking for the services you are offering.

2. Buyer Request

Buyer Request
Buyer request
is another major factor in getting the first order on Fiverr and building your profiles initially, and it is somehow challenging to win the client.

Suppose you are a new seller, so clients think hundreds of times before contacting you. The only possibility of contacting you is if the buyer has a low budget.

So it would be best if you kept your prices as low as possible because, at the start, your primary goal is to build your profile with a positive rating.

The sellers have ten opportunities to get the project as Fiverr allows to send ten requests to buyers in a day.

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3. Keyword Research

Fiverr keyword Research
Use the right keywords that are relevant to your gig or the services you are providing. Keyword research is significant before creating the gigs.

It is salient if you use the right keywords in URL, gig title and description and use your gig’s search tags that match the buyer’s search intent.

Using keywords in the right way increases the chances of getting traffic and new orders as it helps the sellers to rank on the first pages, if done correctly.

Note: You can change or edit the gig title as many times as you want, but you cannot change the GIG URL after publishing.

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4. Attractive Gig Image & Video

Gig Image & Video on Fiverr is the first thing that attracts your buyer so try to spend more time creating the image or video.

Sellers must save the name of image or video with gig-related keywords that positively impact your gig ranking.

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5. Be Active And Online On Fiverr

be online on Fiverr
Being active and online is very important on Fiverr as some buyers want to contact only those online and active sellers because they may need their job to be done urgently.

Buyer applies the filter to show the results of the online sellers, and if you are offline, then chances to win the projects drop to zero per cent.

On the other hand, if you stay active, you have more chance to win the client as Fiverr places you on the top.

Are you thinking about how it is possible to stay active all the time? No worries, Fiverr have an application to install into your mobile and login to your Fiverr account.

You will get all the notifications on runtime, and your response time will be good enough to impress the client. Rest is how you communicate with the buyer.

6. Fiverr Forums

Fiverr Forum
Fiverr forums is another way to promote your gigs and get traffic. A forum is a place where the buyer and sellers gather and can communicate with each other.

It’s a place where you can ask questions and get answers. It’s also an environment where you can share content and opinions, so it has the power of information sharing.

Stay active, and answers to the question in the forum positively impact Sellers gig ranking on Fiverr.

7. Fiverr Promoted Gig Feature

Fiverr promoted gigs
Promoted gigs help the sellers to get more exposure of their gigs by up to 200 per cent and rank on the top page of the Fiverr search engine.

Sellers have the opportunity to show their visibility, which drives more sales and orders to your gigs, and they can also increase the revenue.

The sellers only pay when the buyer clicks on their ads, and they can optimize the ads at any time.

Benefits of Fiverr Promoted Gigs

a. Reach more buyers.
b. Gig Exposure by upto 200%.
c. Increase in sales.
d. The buyer might buy at a higher price.
e. Boost your business.

8. Maintain Your Profile

Maintain your profile
Fiverr’s assessment system
evaluates every seller performance on the 15th of each month and promotes or demote sellers’ level based on the following factors.

a. Order Completion Rate
b. Response Time
c. On-Time Delivery
d. Positive Rating

The order completion rate, response time and on-time delivery must be above 90%, where the positive rating is not less than 4.7 over the last 60 days.

So if you maintain your profile and badges, it will help you rank or maintain your position if you are on the First Page.

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9. Promote Your Website

Promote your website
The most advanced trick to boost your Fiverr gigs by promoting your website.

As we know, it is against Fiverr TOS to run the Google Ads or Facebook Ads on your Fiverr Gig URL, so do not violate this term of Fiverr and create your website.

For instance, build your portfolio website and run Google Ads or Facebook Ads that attracts your audience to land on your website.

The website has the “Order Now” button; visitors are redirected to your Fiverr Profile when they click on the button.

In this way, you can boost your business without any violation of Fiverr Terms and Conditions.


We have covered the ways to promote your Fiverr gigs, which helps the sellers to get more potential and valuable clients.

Fiverr gives a chance to every seller to show their skills by providing quality work to the buyers and building a long-term relationship with them.

Fiverr really values sellers with many returning buyers, and it might be considered the one factor to become a top-rated seller.

I hope the above mention points helps you a lot. Would you mind commenting if it is helpful for you?

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