8 Fiverr SEO tips to rank your gigs

If you are willing to start online work and want to get more clients without waiting then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss tips to rank on the first page using Fiverr SEO strategies.

Many people start creating gig on Fiverr without proper research, which is not acceptable in 2022.

If you are going to start anything, you should have appropriate knowledge or information about the particular thing, whether you have your own business or starting your career as a freelancer on Fiverr.

How does SEO work in Fiverr?

When buyers search on Fiverr about specific services, the result contains thousands of seller gigs, but the chances for the sellers on the first page would be higher than those on the other pages.

Here, Fiverr gig SEO plays an essential role for sellers. When you are planning to create your gigs and want to rank on the first page on Fiverr, you need to do proper research before entering into the big market where thousands of sellers are selling their services.

Are you thinking about how you could rank when many sellers are there already on the first page?
So stop thinking as we will discuss tips on ranking on the first page by applying SEO strategies on Fiverr.

Fiverr SEO tips to rank on top

8 SEO Tips for Fiverr Sellers

Keyword Research

Their popularity and competition level define keywords, so it is crucial to use relevant terms and have a high search volume.
Keyword research is the first and foremost step for new sellers before creating a Gig on Fiverr. The criteria for the keyword research would be:

1. Low Competition Keywords
2. Long Tail Keywords.
3. Less Number of Seller Gigs.

For Example, you are creating a Gig of WordPress Services; then you need to search on the Fiverr search bar and see where the competition level is low, and you can determine this by checking less number of seller gigs.

Click on the first five seller gigs on top, copy their tags to one file, and do this for up to 10 tags.

Collect more than 100 keywords and check which keywords have less number of Fiverr gigs on WordPress niche and pick five low, competitive keywords. For instance:

1. WordPress Redesign websites
2. WordPress site
3. Redesign WordPress site
4. WordPress website design
5. WordPress blog designs.

You can also pick the keywords that are suggesting from Fiverr for a specific niche.

Keywords are also helpful for freelancers who want more visibility on Fiverr. It is essential to have keywords relevant to the gig description and establish a name for oneself on Fiverr. It will help you gain more regular customers and make yourself known as one of the best freelance copywriters.

Fiverr Search Tags

You may not realize it, but most sellers use keywords in their tags. These words are what buyer search for when they’re looking for a specific topic.

You can add a maximum of 5 tags must include letters and numbers.

Fiverr Gig URL

With the growing popularity of Fiverr, sellers are using SEO strategies to improve the ranking of the profiles. One of the strategy is using your keywords in the URL.

Using keywords in Fiverr Gig URL helps sellers target their audience with relevant content, differentiating themselves from other sellers by using specific keywords.

Attractive SEO Title

The use of keywords in a Gig title is a prevalent practice nowadays. However, some sellers solely rely on these keywords to make up the title and not much else.

The current trend among Gig providers is to include as many keywords as possible in the titles of their Gigs. It increases the chances of getting a hit and makes it easier for buyers to find what they are looking.

To make your Gig stand out from the crowd, you should include relevant keywords to help your buyer find you quickly and read all the information about your service.

Compelling and Original Fiverr Description

You might be wondering how to craft a compelling and original description for your Gig on Fiverr. Let’s take a look at some ways to make your Fiverr Gig stand out from the crowd.

1) Be Specific: This is the first and most important tip for your Fiverr Gig. It would be best if you were as specific as possible so that someone interested in what you offer will find it and book it for themselves.

2) Use Researched Keywords: Add your primary keyword three times and other keywords once or twice in your description, and do not try to copy any sellers gig description as it is against Fiverr TOS.

Fiverr Gig Video

Try to use a video for your Gig that shows what the buyer will get if they order you and how you will do the work. Also, videos increase the chances of getting orders by 200%. And if you do not want to use video or don’t have the skills to make a video, you can use a high-quality gig image.

Delivering an Order on Time

On Fiverr, it can be tricky to find a seller that can deliver your order on time and produce good quality work. If you want to rank your Gig, try to give rulings on time without sending too many time extensions to the buyers, affecting your Fiverr profile ranking.

Promote Outside Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers to showcase their skills and services. Promoting your gigs outside Fiverr can help you gain more exposure, which is essential for Fiverr GIG SEO and better ranking.

Some examples of promoting your gigs outside Fiverr are blogging, publishing, social media posts, and posting on relevant forums.


Take your product from good to extraordinary overnight! It is not too complicated as it seems. Fiverr is a fantastic platform for marketing and promoting your services or products.

Fiverr SEO is a comprehensive strategy that will allow your content to stand out in the search engine results. All it takes is a little bit of time and dedication. With this in mind, let’s jump in and apply the strategies and tips that you read in this article.

Please comment if the above strategies work for you!!!

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