Passive Income Ideas for Virtual Assistants

Being a virtual assistant is a hard-working and very well reputed job. A virtual assistant provides remote services like a regular assistant, which is one of the best examples of work from home. There are times when a virtual assistant might lose a client, and the income will definitely get affected. Hence, it is vital to have a passive income running to avoid any kind of risks. A passive income gives you the confidence to try new things and take a reasonable time off for yourself. This article will enlighten a few passive income ideas for virtual assistants.

A passive income is the one where you create something once, and that creativity of yours keeps on adding value to your life by generating a payment regularly. Everyone with some knowledge and proper education should look for ways and ideas to generate a passive income.

Passive Income ideas For Virtual Assistants | Why is it Essential?

One can never deny the importance of passive income. A virtual assistant’s whole source of payment depends on the clients, and having a conflict of interest with a client or losing a client can be a big problem.

Suppose you have to encounter a client with mood swings who tries to cut you off; what would you do? Or you might not agree with a client on a few topics, and you decide to part ways.

In both scenarios, the livelihood of the virtual assistant gets affected. At this point, the passive income saves the day. It is crucial to find a new client on short notice, or you might have to settle for a job that does not suit your caliber.

It is necessary to have passive income ideas for a virtual assistant to avoid such situations. Creating a platform for a passive income is not easy. It requires a lot of time, hard work, a sense of creativity, and support. But once you create something that can help you generate a passive income, the base becomes more vigorous.

A Few Passive Income Ideas For Virtual Assistants

We will now discuss some of the best ideas a virtual assistant can adopt to create a passive income.

1. Write An e-Book


Out of the many passive income ideas for virtual assistants, writing an e-book can be counted at the top. The best way to make use of your knowledge is for you to share it with other people as much as possible.

Therefore, writing a book can be one of the best ways to earn passive income even after years when your career or lifestyle will not be the same anymore.

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2. Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is one of the best ways to earn a passive income in exchange for your knowledge. Use your information and education correctly, do proper research and start creating videos about whatever you are best at.

A virtual assistant might want to teach other people how to become a virtual assistant or create informational videos and services for people to use.

A YouTube channel requires A lot of effort and time at the start, but after the necessary time period when you start getting enough views and subscriptions on your channel, it becomes the best source of passive income.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn passive income without having your own product for selling. Suppose you use a product or a service regularly in your life. And you are a big fan of that particular product. Why not share it with your followers and people you know, and you can earn a passive income through it.

Get yourself linked to that particular product and use that link on your page or website and share it with other people. By using your link or promo code, people might buy that service, and you can earn a commission in return.

Affiliate marketing is getting popular day by day, and many big names are marketing and advertising their products through affiliating their product links with their largely followed loyal consumers. This way, both parties get the benefit. Initially, you should start with Amazon.

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4. Make Templates

Creating Templates is another fantastic way to earn passive income for virtual assistants. You can develop samples, logos, posts, and templates related to your services and sell them online to your clients and people who require them. Templates are just like Printables in a digital form. The templates are always easier to create and an in-demand product.

5. Blogging

One of the most important passive income ideas for virtual assistants is to start blogging. If you are a virtual assistant, you might already have your own website. If not, then create one right away. Use that site to share your followers’ personal experiences, knowledge, and information. Work hard on earning loyal followers.

Make that site a blogging platform and regularly provide your followers with new and creative content. Once strong followership is maintained, you can use that blogging website to make a passive income by promoting products, featuring ads, and affiliate marketing. This is also an amazing way to earn a passive income by using your passion for becoming a virtual assistant.

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6. Create Printables

Start creating Printables. Use other people’s interests and design things that will attract them to buy your product. You can develop registers or ledgers that are easy and short or checklists for people who find it challenging to keep track of their work.

These checklists or to-do lists will make their life easier, and they will definitely be willing to buy your Printables. Design them once and make a passive income with them for a long time.

7. Create Courses

Creating courses and selling them is one of the many passive income ideas for virtual assistants. As a VA, you can use all the knowledge you have gathered and learned.

Create proper step-by-step classes in the form of videos and give your course an eye-catching title. The next step is to do the required marketing and make that course readily available at a reasonable price.

People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars yearly on these courses. You can also become a part of this market.

8. Hire an Outsource

Hiring an outsource or having a member give a hand in case the load of work gets too heavy is also a good idea. You can hire an outsource at a price slightly lesser than you are getting paid from your client. This way, the work will be done in time, and you can get some extra time for other tasks.


Virtual assistants have challenging and tiring jobs. It becomes crucial for them at times to take time off from work. Hence, all the above-mentioned passive income ideas for virtual assistants are the best and most practical. These ideas will help a VA to survive through crucial times.

Share with us which statement you found to be the best for you. Provide us your feedback and keep coming back to the site for more informational blogs.

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