15 Amazing Ways To Make Money Online With Data Entry

Earning from the comfort of your home is everyone’s dream nowadays. People think that it is the best thing about technology. Everyone gets the chance to do what they like by staying in their comfort zone. In this article, we will discuss “How To Make Money Online With Data Entry?”

Data entry is one of those best ways to make money online and for that you do not need to be highly qualified or experienced. Start your experience today, and you will learn a lot more about it on the way.

This article will help you understand what options are out there in the market for you to earn online with data entry jobs.

There might be a housewife and a mother looking to work from home, and a data entry job can be her answer. These jobs can help you make $10-$20 per hour, depending on the kind of job you are hired for.

You can also do it as a freelancer through a specific profile or as a worker for some government or private firm. We have categorized and explained all the best possible ways to make money online with data entry.

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What Are Data Entry Jobs?

Typewriters and data entry jobs needs accuracy and both are very similar jobs which requires you to write non-stop and to avoid mistakes.

Data entry requires you to convert receipts, survey forms, questionnaires, other forms, etc., into computer files. These jobs also include converting audio into written words.

Many firms need Data entry workers like law firms, huge organizations, medical facilities, industries, and anywhere you need to keep a record. For Data entry jobs, one requires some basic education and knowledge of typing and the field they are working in.

Make Money Online With Data Entry

Skills Required To Make Money Online With Data Entry

1. Typing

Typing is the key point of data entry. It is a must to have a good typing speed. One must be familiar with the system and the software if the work needs to be done accurately.

2. PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a basic skill that your job provider might require. Try and learn it as it helps a lot.

3. Ms. Excel

This is the most common data entry software all over the world. You learn to use MS Spreadsheet in the very basic education you take. Get familiar with your computer.

4. Word

There is a great chance you to work on MS Word as a part of your job. Therefore, you should learn how to use formatting, writing, and other skills in Word just to have an edge.

5. Always Meet the Deadlines

One must always meet the deadlines. Never try to ignore work and push it afterward the deadline. This can be a great loss for your job.

6. Communication Skills

A data entry operator working from home needs communication skills like email, video call, or online chat communication. You have to be good at all these things if you want to keep working with your employer for a long time.

7. Organizing Records

A data entry operator works with hundreds and thousands of files. Therefore, keeping the records straight and not mixed up is very important for a better reach. The person should create different folders and know when and where to catch a specific file.

8. Google Products

There are google applications like Ms. Word, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, etc. get yourself familiar with these google products that are getting more popular every day, such as Google Drive, google docs, sheets, slides, etc.

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Ways To Make Money Online With Data Entry

1. Typical Data Entry Jobs

2 typical data entry jobs have been there for ages. We will discuss those jobs first:

a. Clerks

Data entry clerks are mostly designated with tasks like entering data into a file of a spreadsheet or any other assigned document in alphabetical and other official formats. Their clerical jobs also include responsibilities like maintaining individual records, ascertaining and presenting departmental records, coding, etc.

We can say that the necessity or requirement for this post is a high school degree and preceding experience of a couple of years with adequate knowledge of MS Word and other related software.

The main and usual requirement for these jobs was to be physically present. Still, as of the pandemic, many companies have managed to provide clerks the comfort of earning money online with data entry.

If you are an expert and want to make money by becoming a data entry clerk, then there are multiple online platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork where you can sell the skill in return for a handsome amount of $10 to $15/hour.

b. The Data Entry Keyers

Data entry keyers’ job is very much similar to a clerk’s, but a Clerk’s job is a bit harsh as they might have to stand for hours while doing their job, unlike keyers.

Talking about key responsibilities of a data entry keyers, we can obligate the precise separation of appropriate data from a wide range of reports including (pharmaceutical, academics, business, legal, surveys, and so forth) and type information into databases like a dominant accounting page or a company-provided platform.

After these arrangements and extractions are properly made by the keyers, the next step includes delivering data to the consumers. Some Data keyers also perform standard control management to ensure bug and error-free data.

You must become a data entry keyer to have a typing speed of more than 50 words per minute with a null error ratio and exceptional command on MS word and its features.

On a beginner level, Data Keyers can undoubtedly procure anything somewhere in the range of $10 and $15. Yet, experienced professionals can acquire much more.

2. Data Entry Jobs In The Medical Field

When we talk about medicine, we can only think of working as doctors or nurses. But that is not true. People can also acquire data entry jobs in medical fields such as:

a. Medical Technologist/Coder

A medical technologist is a person who reads and understands the important details from a patient’s medical report or history. Examine his/her clinical history for like diseases being analyzed, treatments and therapy afterward, and all the reports and graphs of medical history.

Medical technologists type out the codes into a “Shorthand” writing style. It is a writing skill used to write faster and error-free with special symbols and techniques. This code and data are later analyzed by the doctors, medical professionals, and or health insurance companies to perceive the patient’s clinical background.

This job requires special skills and a degree in medical coding. Perhaps this job is not for a normal data entry operator.

Both of the medical-related data entry professionals earn the same.

b. Medical Archivist

A medical archivist is a highly in-demand skill all over the USA. Firms from the private and public sectors are always looking forward to a skillful medical archivist.

The key responsibilities of a medical archivist include listening to audios and writing the important details out of them in a word file or a text form. These audio files are essentially medical files like cell phone call recordings, conference calls, online checkups with professional doctors, and other recordings accordingly.

The provocation here is that an archivist acquires to listen carefully to the prescription and instructions spoken by the doctors in a slur and dim voice accents on calls audio or video.

If you want to become a medical archivist, let me tell you that you must acquire the best listening capacity and familiarity with most of the complex medical terms; otherwise, you will fail to understand definite words.

Becoming a medical archivist combines proper training with excellent knowledge and experience of up to 2 years. Firms are ready to pay an expert to $20 to $25 per hour.

As mentioned before, both of these jobs, including medical technologist and medical archivist, can be recognized as data entry operator jobs yet, they are not for everyone.

3. Standard Jobs In Data Entry

Then there are these Data entry jobs that are easy and common for everyone to know.

a. Convert Pictures Into Words

Standard data entry jobs includes conversion of pictures in words. In this job, your task is to convert the images or screenshots into text form using MS word or other relative software.

One paragraph out of these screenshots can length from 100 to 150 words which you need to write or type down into text format on MS word.

Perfection is compulsory as the words in the screenshots are, most of the time, special medical terminologies and not simple English. Often Data entry firms ask preciseness and correctness up to 99.99%, so you need to be very cautious.

For changing over one picture document into text, you get $3 – $4. On the off chance that you convert 25 – 30 such pictures in a day, you can undoubtedly earn $80 – $100 every day.

b. Convert Audios Into Texts

In this specific field, what you need to do is listen to some audio files and note down the important details out of them in a text format on MS word. You will require incredible listening skills just so you can follow up with the professional commands and accents in the audio file.

Composing speed is additionally vital to finish an extraordinary number of files each day.
You can call it more of an interpreting position, yet it is unique to a medical archivist with only the difference that recordings do not contain medical terminologies.

You can procure above and beyond $5 per file.

4. Taking Online Surveys

There are jobs in Data entry that require you to fill out surveys or forms online, and you earn from them, such as:

a. Surveys

Online surveys are unique. In these kinds of jobs, you have to answer simple and complex questions simultaneously while filling out a survey. This also includes the thinking game as you have to keenly observe the survey form questions and not only enter values into fields.

One survey can include from 5 to 50 questions depending on the intensity of the topic. The larger the survey, the more time it takes, but at the same time, the reward for this is even satisfactory.

Surveys are often led by organizations like Ipsos, Nielsen, Pew, etc.

b. Filling Forms Online

In this job, you are provided with a lot of data and an online form to fill individually. The data is comprised of numerous fields like Name, Phone No, Email address, House address, bank account details, social security numbers, and much more.

All you need to do is enter the corresponding value from the dataset to each specific field of the form. It is also a task that demands accuracy and correctness, so you have to be very cautious while filling out the forms. All this procedure is known as online form filling.

After completing each form, you gain money. Making $50 to $75 a day is an easy target to achieve.

5. Data Entry Jobs On Amazon

Amazon provides you with many options to work with the company. One can also find a Data entry job there.

a. Amazon Mechanical Turk

It provides great opportunities for work throughout the world, and similarly, it gives the option to make money online with data entry.

The tasks of Data entry on Amazon are named HITs(Human Intelligence Task) which are of three kinds: Micro Data entry jobs, Surveys, and transcription jobs.

These HITs normally pay you 5-10 cents an hour which is not a very good amount. Therefore, one must wisely hunt for jobs that will pay you well. Professional data entry operators earn up to $3000 a month if they hunt for better-paid jobs.

Before getting the HIT job on Amazon, you must go through a very difficult test to pass. There are high chances of people getting rejected.

6. Database Job

These jobs might be similar to typical data entry jobs, but you must work for a specific firm and in-house to get data entry jobs because of privacy reasons.

a. Catalog Data Entry Operator

A catalog data entry worker needs to fill out the sheets. The rows and columns are filled with product name, product code, expiry date, cost, etc. The software in which the sheets are arranged and filled are mostly in-house software or common ones like MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

There are very few jobs for this category; therefore, one must hunt desperately. This job pays you an average of $30k to $40k a year. The worker must be well aware of the tool and know-how to arrange, re-arrange or extract data from the file.

b. Payroll Data Entry Operator

This category includes workers that need to keep a record of employees working in the Database firm. You need to add information like employee name, pay, DOJ, contact number, allowances, etc., into the table.

These jobs require proper training and learning of the software before getting started.

7. Micro Data Entry Jobs

As we have discussed above, the Amazon jobs. One of them was Micro Data entry jobs. Which is further categorized as follows:

a. Writing Captions

In the world of social media, it is equally important to write an attractive caption as it is to click a beautiful picture. In these jobs, you are hired to write captions for different images. Those captions need to be very creative and appealing.

You can earn good money online with data entry by writing cool captions. With the growth of social media, these jobs are increasing too.

b. Solving Captcha

Captcha, as we all know, are tricky texts that are solved in order to move forward at a site and prevent spamming. This job might be a little time-consuming and hard because it pays you only 1 or 2 cents every time you solve a Captcha.

c. Data Formatting

In data formatting jobs on Amazon, people ask to format files like forms and sheets.

To earn at least $10 – $12 an hour, you need to do the formatting of hundreds of files provided to you. It is an easy job but requires the worker to be patient.

d. Copy And Paste Job

There are many kinds of copy and paste jobs. Each job comes with a separate job description and instructions. Sometimes, it is needed to copy text from one file and paste it to another, i.e., converting excel into Word or Word into an excel file, Word to PDF, and vice versa.

The job description can also be to sort out the data in an excel sheet and paste different categories to different files or to copy the column headings and paste them to another file to create a similar one. This job is also very time-consuming but provides you with an amazing option of earning money online with data entry.


In short, these were a few jobs that could help you make money from home with data entry. These jobs are easy, and some require a specific qualification, and others do not. But the main thing is that you must know which job suits you the best and keep hunting for it.

By working hard, you can earn $10-$12 per hour initially, which will keep growing with the experience. Please let us know about your valuable feedback and how helpful this article was for you. Also, keep visiting our site.

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