How to Earn Money From Amazon

Amazon is a huge platform for buying and selling goods, but it is not just confined to that. Amazon provides employment and earning opportunities to so many people worldwide. It is not necessary to sell goods; rather, there are other easy and suggested ways to adapt according to your skillset and expertise to earn money through Amazon. This article will put forth some best ways to know “how to earn money from Amazon.”

Amazon is an authentic and enormous business. Therefore, if you work for Amazon, you will definitely be paid worth the time you spend working, and there is no chance of any scam.

It is also an incredible way to earn extra cash for students to meet their ends.

How to Earn Money on Amazon?


1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is slowly becoming a sensation for young influencers these days. It provides young and passionate people an opportunity to display their style and earn a decent amount of income.

It is a process where you share the Amazon link with your followers or people you influence online. Whenever someone makes a purchase using that link, a decided commission that might lie between 4%-10% of the total selling price is paid to you.

This way, you can make money, make people aware of nice and durable products and be a part of the Amazon community.

Affiliate marketing has also become the best choice on how to earn money from Amazon because, in this process, one does not need to have own products to sell. Rather you can earn by advertising other’s products.

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2. Extra Belongings

Selling your belongings online that are not useful to you anymore but can be worth something to someone else is another amazing way of earning some extra money online through Amazon. This way, things won’t go to waste anymore, and you can benefit from them.

You do not need to create something or do the advertisement. Simply put something up for sales online, such as old books, bags, and furniture, at reasonable prices and reap the benefit by earning some extra cash.

3. Sell On Amazon Handmade

Amazon is a great platform where you can sell your handicrafts. If you subscribe to yourself as a professional seller of handmade goods on “Amazon Handmade,” you shall receive a custom URL. This URL link will make it easy for you to sell the product by spreading the word.

In this business, the person selling products has two options: one is to pay a fixed amount of $39.99 each month and the second option is to pay a fee of 15% of your total sales price. The latter method is helpful because you only have to pay when you earn, whereas a fixed amount might be difficult to pay sometimes.

4. Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch is one of Amazon’s many categories for its loyal users. On Amazon, you can sell your designs and clothing, such as jackets, hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, etc., on Amazon.

In this scenario, you get yourself associated with Amazon, make an account, upload your product with proper pricing and description, and the Amazon team manages all the rest. Amazon does everything in the production, packaging, merchandising, storing, selling, and delivering of the products.

You receive a percentage for every product that is sold on Amazon. This way, you can benefit from your designs without any actual hustle.

5. Publish Yourself at Amazon Launchpad

Amazon launchpad is a difficult area to get into, but once you are accepted to become a member of Amazon launchpad, you get access to many privileges. Amazon launchpad grants access to:

  • A chance to show your brand on the Amazon launchpad.
  • Some exclusive selling features.
  • Onboard Amazon managers to help you make your brand larger

Amazon launchpad is for businessmen who sell unique products as you get to share your story of success here. Amazon Launchpad requires you to pay an extra 5% referral fee on each product you sell, apart from the standard fee.

6. Become a Wholesale Seller

The entire concept of wholesale business meant to sell the products at the lowest price possible. A wholesale seller buys the product in huge bulk, ensuring that the products are purchased at low rates.

The seller can benefit by keeping a very low margin but selling plenty of products. The wholesale sellers compete to provide their customers with the lowest price possible; this way, the product does not need much advertising, and earning becomes easier.

7. Become a Delivery Person for Amazon

If you own a car, are familiar with places around, and are a good driver, you must get yourself affiliated with Amazon flex. Becoming a delivery driver for Amazon flex is one of the best ways to earn from Amazon in your spare time.

It is obvious that one cannot expect to make it the only way of earning because you might only earn £13- £15 an hour, out of which you must exclude the diesel and driving costs as Amazon does not cover it.

Therefore, becoming a delivery person for Amazon is a good spare time job for some extra earnings.

8. FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Fulfillment by Amazon is a very thoughtful option provided by Amazon to its sellers. FBA provides you the opportunity to keep your goods at the Amazon warehouse and have them delivered by the Amazon team itself to the buyers.

You will need to pay for the place you cover in their warehouse and the fees for handling, packaging, and delivering your products to their customers.

The candy in this situation is that you will not need to worry about storing the goods as you cannot store them at home, and lending a private place can be expensive.

Whether you want to take advantage of FBA or you want to do merchant fulfillment depends entirely on the kind of product you are selling.

9. Become a Freelancer for Amazon

When the business becomes too large, one definitely needs a hand to help. This is where a freelancer comes in. Many Amazon sellers need help from Freelancers to write better descriptions for their products, find and click nice appealing photos or advertise the products on different platforms.

As a freelancer, you can create a gig to become a service provider for big Amazon sellers and earn from it. Freelancers provide the best possible services at a variety of reasonable rates.

10. Trading of Products

Trading products might be one of the best answers on how to earn money from Amazon. This process requires your time and expertise.

For instance, if you find some well-known product on sale somewhere, buy a bulk of it. Later, you can sell that product on Amazon with a reasonable margin and earn your commission.

A retail arbitrage would not require you to have your product or some investments and great skills. You simply take advantage of your shopping and spend time exploring.

11. Become a Part of AMT

Amazon Mechanical Turk project is a way to gather the correct feedback from customers through surveys and questionnaires. AMT is a perfect choice for someone who wants to earn some money online but does not want to indulge in buying and selling products.

You can carry out surveys and validate the products in your free time and earn as much as around $15 an hour, which is good if you do it as a part-time job.

The best thing about AMT is that you do not need to be highly qualified because the tasks are generally simple and sometimes entertaining as well.


In short, it is not easy to learn how to earn money from Amazon and that is exactly what this article is meant to provide—an easy way to learn your best options for making money online through Amazon.

Amazon provides many great opportunities to its users; everyone should try to grab one depending on the conditions and expertise.

Please let us know which way you find the best if you plan to earn through Amazon. Provide us your valued feedback through commenting below, and keep visiting our site for more informational writing.

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