What is the Perfect Fiverr Gig Video Size?

Fiverr is an incredible online platform that allows you to work according to your skills without depending on any firm, leader, or mentor.

You are like a complete institution, you get the chance to explore and provide services regarding any skill you have. There is no need to be confined to one specific category or a decided time slot.

In this article, we will explain you the importance of Gig video and what is the best Fiverr Gig Video Size?

What is a Gig Video?

Fiverr gives you the options of both writing description for your gig and upload a video in which you can explain about your gig by yourself.

Instead of writing a full-fledged description, you can upload a nice and compact video explaining how you work  and speak to your potential buyer verbally. This way, it will be more apparent to the buyer to decide because the video will show your professionalism and work ethic.

Note:  Fiverr is very particular about its content and a completely reliable website. Therefore, you must mention in your video about Fiverr only; don’t mention any other Freelance platform.

Method Of Uploading A Gig Video

  • Upload your video by going to the “Gig gallery.”
  • Add the video by browsing for the respective file on your computer, or you can drag and drop.
  • The video should not be longer than 75 seconds, and the size should be less than 50MB.
  • The video file formats should be MP4 or AVI.

Adjusting The Cover Image Of Gig Video

You can set the thumbnail of the video yourself by following a few simple and easy steps. The whole process of a gig preview going live takes up to about 6 hours, unlike the gig photos uploaded immediately.

  • Go to “Gig Edit.
  • Look for “Gig Gallery,” open it.
  • Go to the “Gig video” section and click on “Edit.”
  • Play” the video.
  • Pause” the video on the exact spot which you want to use as your cover picture.
  • Click on “set as preview.
  • Close” the tab and go through the final image once again for surety.

*Note: The Fiverr must approve the video you upload as your gig before going through any other process, i.e., setting a thumbnail.

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Gig Video Guidelines

1. Format Of The Video File

Video File Fiverr
Fiverr only accepts the MP4 or AVI format, and if you are using any other form that Fiverr doesn’t allow, you will get the rejection on the video not in the format that Fiverr recommends.

2. Fiverr Gig Video Size

fiverr gig video size
The Fiverr gig video size has to be very compact. You are allowed to upload a video that is 50 MB or less in size.

3. No Personal Contacts

personal contacts
Fiverr will not allow you to add your contacts, mention your website URL, Email address, Social accounts, or other personal information from where the buyer can contact you.

They allows you to work with in their platform instead of taking the buyer outside of Fiverr. It may involve many risks, and Fiverr is not responsible for any fraud or inconvenience.

The Fiverr system is too powerful to understand which seller is offering the services to buyers outside, so they have the right to terminate your account. After that, you will not be able to use your account anymore.

For more Information: Read Fiverr Terms & Conditions

4. Time Duration

time duration
The duration of the video should not exceed 75 seconds. Therefore, you must try to explain your service and wind it all up within 75 seconds in the best possible way.

Video cannot be shorter than 30 seconds either. You must explain everything within the time limit of 30-75 seconds.

5. Original Audio

original audio
Fiverr loves that you use your voice or any original voice while recording the video. Dubbed audios, Fiverr forbid robotic singers and computer narrators as they can cause confusion and conflict.

If you are willing to use a computer narrator, you use a high-quality voice to avoid distortion, and the sound should match your original voice.

Moreover, if your gig is related to the “video and animation” category, you must upload a video with audio. In other cases, it is not necessary. A few types in which it is compulsory to upload a video with audio to attract buyers are:

  • Game trailers.
  • Lyric and musical videos.
  • Real Estate marketing promos.
  • Short video ads.
  • Animations.
  • Website and App previews.
  • Book trailers.
  • Live-Action Explainers.
  • Spokesperson videos.
  • Whiteboard and Animated Explainers.

6. Video Quality

video quality
The quality of the video should be very high. If you want to impress the buyer, it is mandatory that your voice is conveyed to the buyer correctly and the graphics are self-explanatory; for such a purpose, you must use a high-quality camera and micro-phone to record your video.

Use noise-cancelling microphones while recording the tape so the buyer can listen to you quickly.

7. Precise About Your Services

fiverr services
You should be very precise about your services and try to put it forward very concisely so that the video does not get boring and go out of context.

8. Copy-Right Material

fiverr video gig copyright
Fiverr strongly condemns the use of any copy-righted content or material. One should keep in mind the ethics and rules of Fiverr while recording the video and avoid using any image, sentence, frame, logo, brand, or person that could cause conflict.

*Note: if you are creating a video for the “video and animation” category. Make a video on your own that is unique. Show your work samples to the buyer and do not seek help from any other seller.


The whole purpose of the Fiverr gig video is to give the seller a chance to explain themselves and their respective services verbally using the best quality audio and HD video.

So that the buyers can have a clear view, and it becomes easier for them to choose the right service provider for their projects.

Thus, it is essential to strictly follow the rules and avoid the restrictions set by Fiverr so that your message can come across clearly.

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