How To Write Fiverr Gig Description?

Fiverr gig description is the top part while creating the gig on Fiverr. It might not be wrong if we say it helps to get the orders and build buyers’ trust in your gig. But, many new sellers don’t have any idea how to write Fiverr gig description?

So, we will cover all the points that sellers must follow while writing descriptions for their Fiverr gig. Let’s start!

6 Steps To Write Gig Description For Fiverr – A Guide From Top Seller


1. Do Proper Research

The first and foremost step to writing a description is to do proper research on the relevant gigs and see how level two and top sellers write their descriptions. The top sellers have experience and perfection in integrating the keywords in a right way and describing how they work and why they are the best?

Fiverr Keyword Research
It is recommended
to open top sellers or even level two sellers’ gigs and put down the important points. The one mistake the new or level one sellers mostly make is copying the description of other sellers, which is not a good practice. If you copy, then you might face the following problems:

1. Seller might report you, and the chances of gig removal are higher.
2. Your gig will not rank.

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2. Use SEO-Based Keywords.

Fiverr gig SEO
SEO is very important even if you are working on any other platform. So choose your keyword wisely and add those keywords to your gig description on Fiverr. It helps sellers’ gig in ranking.

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3. Introduce Your Services

Fiverr Gigs
Fiverr loves it if someone introduces himself in 1-2 sentences in your gig description. You can write about your experience and what services you are offerings.

Make your description in simple English as all buyers are not good at English and might face difficulty understanding. The introduction must be very precise and good as it helps to attract buyers to purchase the gig.

4. Mention Your Experience

Fiverr Experience
Many sellers are working on Fiverr and have good experience working with other clients. So, mention your experience as most buyers are willing to work with experienced sellers to get quality work.

You can also add your portfolio to your Fiverr gig description to win clients’ trust.

5. Unique Selling Point

Fiverr Unique Selling Point
It is the most important point while writing a Fiverr gig description. Add all the features that you offer in your gig. Write why your gig is different from other sellers of your niche and why the buyer should hire you?

Mention the attractive points to prove to buyers that you are fit for their jobs. In addition to this, the format of your description must be good.

Try to use bullet points instead of just writing the text in paragraphs. Here is an example of one of the best formats I like for how to write Fiverr gig description?


  • Introduction (1-2 sentences)
  • Why should you hire me?
  • Gig Features Includes
  • Ending Note to Place Order


  • Introduction
  • Why choose me?
  • Basic Package – Best For?
  • Standard Package – Best For?
  • Premium Package – Best For?
  • Unique Features of Gig
  • Ending Note to Place Order

6. Things You Need From the Buyers

Mention what you need from buyers in your gig description. For example: if you are a web developer, then you should add that you need the following things:

  • WordPress/Cpanel login credentials.
  • Hosting logins
  • Content (logo, images & text) etc.

6. Add Ending Note

Adding ending consider as the last step of how to write Fiverr gig description. In this step, convince your buyer to place an order or inbox you before placing an order.


This article will help the sellers improve their Fiverr ranking if they follow the instruction mentioned above for how to write Fiverr gig description. Please comment if it helps!

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