How To Cancel An Order On Fiverr?

If you are a buyer or a seller and are willing to cancel the order and don’t have any idea how to do this, then you are in the right place.

Fiverr Order Cancellation & Refund

Sometimes things are very unpleasant between the sellers & buyers, and the activities are not performed either from the buyers or the sellers’ end while working on the Fiverr.

To deal with such situations cancelling the order would be the best option, and there are many more reasons for buyers or sellers to cancel the order.

HOW TO CANCEL AN ORDER ON FIVERRThis article will tell you how to cancel the order as a seller or as a buyer, different types of cancellation, how to avoid cancellation, etc.

How to Cancel an Order as a Seller?

  • Open the order page you would like to cancel.
  • Click on the “Visit Resolution Center” on the right side of the order page.

Fiverr Order Cancellation

  • Take action and select the “Ask buyer to cancel the order.”

Fiverr Order Cancel

  • Choose the reason from the options and tell Fiverr team why you would like to cancel the order.
    Fiverr resolution Center


  • You can select “Others” as your option and add your details there.
  • Fiverr cancellation of the orderClick the Continue button.

In the last step seller will tell the buyer why a seller would like to cancel the order.

Request Cancellation

After giving proper reason seller click on the continue button to open a dispute, and now it is on the buyer to accept or decline the cancellation request.

The buyer should answer the request within the next 48 hours, and if he does not respond within the given timeframe, the Fiverr automatic system will cancel the order.

At times the request is rejected by the buyer, and they blackmail the seller that they deserve negative feedback instead of cancellation.

In such a case, the seller should contact FIVERR CUSTOMER SUPPORT and tell them the fair reasons to cancel the order themselves.

Consequences of Order Cancellation on Sellers’ Profile

  • The buyer will get his money back, and the seller will lose the money.
  • The cancelled order will drop the sellers’ completion rate.
  • Order cancellation affects the seller’s ranking position & disturb Fiverr SEO of seller’s profile.

How to Cancel an Order as a Buyer?

  • Visit the order page you would like to cancel.
  • Click on the “Resolution Center.” On the right side, below the order details.

Fiverr Customer Support

  •  Choose the reason from the list and ask the seller so they can cancel the order.
  • Tell the seller about the reason why you would like to cancel this order.
  •  Click on Submit button.

The seller has 48 hours to respond to the request; otherwise, the automatic system of Fiverr will cancel the order.

And if the seller declines the request, the buyer has to approach Fiverr Support to cancel the order with the proper reason. When the seller accepts the dispute buyer will get his money back.

Cancel the Completed Order

Once the order is marked as completed, the buyer will not see the resolution center box on the order page.

Then buyer should reach directly to Fiverr Customer Support with cancellation & refund requests and go to Fiverr before the seller contacts them for help.

Give proper evidence that the seller delivered the order with incomplete work so the Fiverr team could take action on the buyer’s request.

The buyers have only 14 days to cancel the order after being delivered. After that timeframe, orders are not eligible to withdraw.

Different Kinds of Cancellation

Sellers’ priority is to satisfy their buyers by providing quality work and getting positive feedback from their end. But at times, things are not according to what we think, and we choose to cancel the order to avoid negative cancellation.

Try to communicate and resolve the issue politely with the buyers & explain to them all the ways before going towards cancellation as cancellation order on Fiverr affects the sellers stats, and gig ranking.

Buyer Requested to Cancel an Order

If the seller fails to deliver the order within the timeframe, the order would be considered very late (24 hours +), and the buyer has the chance to cancel the order immediately.

It would negatively impact sellers’ gig, and they would not receive the payment for the cancelled order.

To avoid this type of cancellation, sellers try to complete the order on time or send the buyer a time extension request if they feel that the given task will take more time than expected.

Mutual Agreement to Cancel an Order

At times there may be a situation in which both parties don’t agree to work with each other, then to resolve this kind of issue, mutual cancellation would be the best option.

Seller or buyer open a dispute to cancel the order with the reason, and another party has to accept or reject the request.

And if the buyer or seller doesn’t respond or remains unresponsive for the next 48 hours after the dispute opens, the gig will be automatically cancelled.

Fiverr Customer Support Cancel an Order

There is a situation when the buyer doesn’t agree to cancel the order and says that he wants to give you negative feedback instead of cancelling the gig.

There is no seller’s fault—the seller contacts Fiverr customer support to look into the issue. The Fiverr team will review the order and cancel the order.

Resolution Center

Fiverr suggest the buyers and sellers communicate with each other to avoid the cancellation. But still, if things are not going well, you have to reach out to the resolution center of Fiverr.

Cancellation and Seller Level

Fiverr has its evaluation system for response rate, order completion, on-time delivery, and positive rating. The completion rate of the sellers’ will affect after cancellation.

Order Completion Rate

Formula to calculate the Order Completion Rate OCR of the sellers is:
All order [Completed + Cancelled] / Cancelled Orders *100

Tips to Decrease Cancellation


The seller must provide quality work and communicate well with the buyer and consider a few things when delivering the order:

  • Make your delivery time in which you are comfortable.
  • If you cannot complete the work on time, ask the buyer to extend the delivery time rather than late order delivery.


Sellers must pause their gig or set the availability so buyers will not buy your gig between the dates when you are unavailable or busy.

In Fiverr, there is an Option to Set the Availability

  • Set time and dates on which you will not be available.
  • Add a brief note that why you will not be available between the following dates.
  • Activate it.

General Guidelines

  • Share your portfolio that you have done.
  • Set the delivery time in which you feel you are comfortable.
  • Gather the requirements from the buyer, and if you face any problem, don’t hesitate to contact the buyer to ask questions.
  • Once the order starts, tell the buyer to provide all the required information.

Prevent Cancellation

Be dynamic: Discuss your gig requirements extra before the buyer order your gig.

Be prepared: If your buyer is not responding to your questions while running the order, you should be ready to initiate the mutual cancellation.

Delivery time: If you have too many orders in the queue, you should increase your delivery time, so if buyers purchase your gig, you would be able to manage the running orders and avoid cancellation.


The sellers and the buyers will cancel the order by mutual agreement within a few steps. The cancellation will affect the sellers’ profile ranking or drop the completion rate.

So it is advised to every seller to ensure the buyer’s requirements and behavior before starting the order and in this way you can avoid the cancellation.

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